DKMediInfo's Story

DkMediInfo is a nursing information company
established by a nurse-turned-representative
to feel and reduce the gap between actual clinical and university education sites

We would like to launch the main project “SMARTNURSE ENR”,
to provide a realistic practice field and to develop the educational level
and informatization capabilities of nursing students

We will continue to be a guide
to provide a better medical education field with passion and sincerity.
We are with you from the perspective of nursing students and nurses.

Vision  & Mission

Korea's first nursing informatics company
A company that presents a new direction for nursing education
A company leading future nursing informatics through research and development of nursing big data

Contribute to the development of nursing informatics 

with a passion for education and research related to nursing information


2020.10  |  DKMediInfo Established 

2021.08  |  "SMARTNURSE ENR" trademark rights 

2021.12  |  KOREA Credit Guarantee Fund 'OPEN

                    NEST 200' selected 

2022.03 |  Establishment of a corporate research

                   institute (Nursing Information Research


2022.04 |  Admission of the Ansan School of KOSME

                   of Korea SMEs and Startups Agency 

2022.04 |  Venture Business Certification Completed

                   (Innovative Growth Type) 

2022.05 |  Signed MOU with Yeonsung University 

                   Selection of bio-health R&D support

                   projects (Yongin Industry Promotion


2022.06 |  Signed MOU with Fornurse Book 

2022.08 |  "SMARTNURSE ENR 1.0" Copyright

                   Registration, SMARTNURSE ENR 

                   Test Service Open (August 16) 

2022.08 |  Signed MOU with Nurskiny, 

                   Nurse Research Institute, 

                   Nurse Education Research Center, 

                   Signed an agreement on industry-

                   academic cooperation and family

                   company with Yongin Arts&Science


2022.09 |  Completion of 2 patents for Electronic

                   Nursing Record System, Signed industry-

                   academic cooperation with Changshin


2022.10 |   Digital Healthcare Hackathon 

                    Participation Award 

2022.11  |   Convetion of Seoul Center for Creative

                     Economy&Innovation Child Care


2022.12  |   Graduation of the Ansan School of

                     KOSME of Korea SMEs and Startups

                     Agency (Final Evalution: Good) 

2023.01 |   Included in the text book (Soomoonsa) 

2023.02 |   Member registration of the korea trade


2023.03 |   Selection of 21th dedicated mentees for

                    k-ict global startup mentoring,

                    Launching official "SMARTNURSE ENR"

                    standard service 

2023.04 |   Admission of 4th Global startup academy

                   by Korea SMEs and Startups Agency  

                   Signed NursingXR Mutual Cooperation 


2023.05    | Registration of venture start-up 

                   innovative procurement products by the 

                   Public Procurement Service

2023.06    | Establishment of a local corporation in 

                    Delaware, USA 

2023.07    |    IP Narae Support Project Selection 

                    (Regional Intellectual Property Center)

2023.08    |  Selected as a stepping stone RnD in the 

                    second half of the Startup Growth 

                    Technology Development Project by the 

                    Ministry of SMEs and Startups

2023.09    | More than 10,000 SmartNurse ENR   

                     subscribers . Korea SMEs and Starups  

                     Agency's Global Start-up Academy

                     selects a good mid-term evaluation    


2023 10    |  Attending K-Startup’s field trip to a      

                      global company 

                     (Singapore  AWS, MS, Google) 

2023 11    |  ICN2023, KOSMI2023 academic

                     conference on-site booth operation 

2023 12    |  Collaboration program between

                      'Ministry of SEMs and Startups' and 

                      'OpenAI' , selection in Korean

                       preliminary round and advance to 

                       US finals


CEO introduction 

CEO     |      Dongkyun Lee  (Alex)

-DKMediInfo CEO 

-DKMediInfo Director of Nursing Information Research Institute 

-Ajou University College of Nursing Nursing Major Ph.D course completion

-The Korean Society of Medical Infomatics, Korean Nurses Association Regular member 

-'Medical information analysis expert ' Completion

-Clinical career : Yonsei Medical Center Gangnam Severance Hospital Nurse (2010-2015)

-Company career: Docple  Medical information business department Customer support team leader (2016-2018)

-Researcher career : Catholic University Medical Informatics Class , Seoul National University Nursing Science Institute , 

Ajou University Researcher Ajou University College of Nursing

-Teacher career: Gangneung-Wonju National University  , Seoul Women's college of Nusing, Semyung University  Department of Nursing 

(Nusing Informatics, Emergency Nusing, Microbiology)